A Few of My Favorite Things

There have been so many amazing things all over the internet. Since Tuesday Blues are among us, I figured I’d share some of my favorite things I’ve seen recently. Hey, it’ll help make your day that much easier! FAVORITE MUSIC & VIDEOS ONE // Shut Up And Dance With Me — Walk the Moon I love this song, but the video is that much better. I was laughing so hard I almost woke up my roommate!  TWO // Nothing Really Matters — Mr. Probz (AfroJack Remix) This song alone is amazing. But I love Mr.  THREE… View Post


It’s the middle of a lazy weekend day. You’re “watching” another episode of the show you’ve been binge watching, and you find yourself zoning out a bit more than usual. The word boredom pops into your head. But are you really? Well, regardless, I’ve decided to start a new weekly post, called Weekend Reading comprised of my favorite articles, videos, blog posts, and other miscellaneous things that catch my fancy during the week. They’ll be posted every Saturday morning, so stay tuned!  ONE // How To Be Pretty  “Everyday you wake up with air in your lungs and… View Post

#GIRLBOSS (Review)

You’ve probably seen this book everywhere. It’s all over Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest; basically any and every social media platform. I honestly couldn’t even avoid it if I tried. Let me tell you a little secret, before college, I couldn’t have cared less about anything related to business- it seemed so stuffy and boring! At the time, I was dead set on becoming a fashion designer, or a large network anchor or field reporter. However, when I got to college, I made the decision I never thought I’d make… I switched to the business school.. and… View Post

Semester Highlights (Fall 2014)

Sorry for the lack of posting activity lately! I’ve been super busy with the end of the semester projects, exams, papers and of course final exams. Looking back, I’ve had a pretty exciting couple of months- so I’ve decided to share the highlights and some of my absolute favorite pictures from the first half of my sophomore year!  Tennis Season 2014: I have the most gorgeous team & best friends!  “Bows up, it’s match day!” Our Coach’s lovely Aunt Sally, who took all of the gorgeous pictures from our match in Kentucky (her name is… View Post

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Friends & What To Get Them // The Trendy Future CEO

For the past two weeks, my roommate Alex and I have been buzzing with ideas for Christmas presents for our close friends. Like most friend groups, we’re all incredibly different and have our different roles that balance each-other. However, it can be extremely difficult to pick relatively cheap yet still meaningful and personalized gifts when you’re in college. There are all types of factors that come into play; money, lack of time, or even a bump in the creativity road. For the next week, I’m going to be posting a series of boards relating to the types of… View Post