The Cape Trend

Cape (On sale!) // Sweater (similar) // Skirt // Sunglasses (similar) Shoes (old, but similar) // Bag (old, but similar) // Tights Necklace  // Gloves // Bracelet (similar) If you haven’t seen this trend before, it’s apparent that capes are no longer just for superheroes and storybook characters. Seemingly out of nowhere, this style blew up.  To be honest, I can remember my mom trying to dress me in a cape when I was younger, but I never really loved the trend until recently, when I saw how chic it really is and can be. I’ve been looking for the perfect cape/capelette… View Post

College Fashionista Mock Article: A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

After following my school’s College Fashionista blog posts for the past year, I finally decided to apply for the “Style Guru” internship on the College Fashionista website. There are two parts to the application process; firstly, you have to answer a series of questions regarding your experience with blogging or journalism/writing, and if you have any photography experience. Besides the questions on mechanical abilities, they also want some insight on why exactly you’re applying, and how you heard of the internship. After you send in the first part of the application, you are asked to… View Post

Styling Summer Dresses for Fall: The LBD (Little Blue Dress)

When I was discussing potential blog posts with my friends, one of the most frequent topics that came up was styling clothes for different events. One of my personal golden rules when it comes to styling and shopping is to invest in quality pieces. I’d rather have a small versatile closet that can be mixed and matched easily than have way too many clothes for my closet that could only be worn once. To me, a good fit, quality material, and versatility are the top 3 things I look for when I shop. However, if… View Post

What’s In My (School) Bag?

For as long as I’ve been watching beauty and fashion YouTube videos, I can remember watching the “What’s in my bag” segments. It’s always been so interesting to me to see what everyone hauls around in their daily lives. I’m a huge purse fanatic. I can remember always wanting to borrow my mom’s to play dress up when I was younger, and constantly begged for my first designer bag. At the time, I was absolutely obsessed with the Coach Poppy bags, which had just been released. I can even remember the first time that I… View Post