The Cape Trend

Cape (On sale!) // Sweater (similar) // Skirt // Sunglasses (similar)
Shoes (old, but similar) // Bag (old, but similar) // Tights
Necklace  // Gloves // Bracelet (similar)

If you haven’t seen this trend before, it’s apparent that capes are no longer just for superheroes and storybook characters. Seemingly out of nowhere, this style blew up.  To be honest, I can remember my mom trying to dress me in a cape when I was younger, but I never really loved the trend until recently, when I saw how chic it really is and can be. I’ve been looking for the perfect cape/capelette to try lately, and I’m almost certain I’ve found it.

I purchased mine from The Olivia Pope Scandal Collection for The Limited, and I am head over heels mad for this plaid. I’ve always been obsessed with plaid; I blame it on 11 years of wearing it every day in private school. However, I love how muted and neutral this is. It’s a statement coat without being overstated. This allowed me to put my favorite styling technique to work- contrast and statement pieces against a neutral color palette. I can definitely see this as becoming a staple in anyone’s winter wardrobe. Plus, it’s on sale right now in stores and on The Limited website. However, there are limited quantities left online, so if you’re interested, I would act pretty soon.

#GIRLBOSS (Review)

You’ve probably seen this book everywhere. It’s all over Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest; basically any and every social media platform. I honestly couldn’t even avoid it if I tried. Let me tell you a little secret, before college, I couldn’t have cared less about anything related to business- it seemed so stuffy and boring! At the time, I was dead set on becoming a fashion designer, or a large network anchor or field reporter. However, when I got to college, I made the decision I never thought I’d make… I switched to the business school.. and I realized that WOW this is so much more “me” than I thought. My dad always tried to buy me books by CEO’s or business professionals explaining their rise to fame, but I usually shrugged them off and put them aside. And who knows, you might be the same way; the business world might not be your cup of tea. This might shock you, if you haven’t read it. This book changed my mind. It might have even changed my life, but I haven’t been able to apply most of the lessons in a real world setting just yet

Okay, I know I sound like I’m exaggerating quite a bit, but this is one of the very best books I’ve read in a long time. Anyone who is able to build an empire and stay true to themselves and their vision is remarkable, however NastyGal was started as a one-woman vintage eBay page, and is now a multi-million dollar company. From their website: 

“Nasty Gal is a global online destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking girls. In 2006, founder Sophia Amoruso started an eBay store selling a highly curated selection of vintage pieces. In just five short years, the shop has grown to become an international style source offering both new and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. The name was inspired by the song and album “Nasty Gal.” Betty Davis, the patron saint of badass women, was known for her unapologetically sexy funk music which comprises our vision of femininity—complete with lamé platform thigh-high boots.”

One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “No matter where you are in life, you’ll save a lot of time by not worrying too much about what other people think about you. The earlier in your life that you can learn that, the easier the rest of it will be.” #GIRLBOSS provides the insight and the wisdom that everyone can benefit; to gain confidence, motivation, a work ethic… etc. What is a #GIRLBOSS though? According to Sophia, it’s someone who is “…in charge of their own life”. Anyone and everyone can be a #GIRLBOSS or a #DUDEBOSS with a little push, motivation, and confidence.

I recommend this book to everyone. Honesty is Sophia’s only policy. It’s one of the most creative books about business that I’ve seen so far, and it definitely reflects Sophia’s attitude toward the world, and what she puts into her company, as CEO and founder. It will definitely inspire you, and give you insight into what it takes to make it as a business owner, or even as someone working in the working world today. You can buy this book here, here or most large retailers.

What makes you a #GIRLBOSS? 

Semester Highlights (Fall 2014)

Sorry for the lack of posting activity lately! I’ve been super busy with the end of the semester projects, exams, papers and of course final exams. Looking back, I’ve had a pretty exciting couple of months- so I’ve decided to share the highlights and some of my absolute favorite pictures from the first half of my sophomore year!

 Tennis Season 2014:

I have the most gorgeous team & best friends! 

Bows up, it’s match day!”

Our Coach’s lovely Aunt Sally, who took all of the gorgeous pictures from our match in Kentucky (her name is actually Sarah, so of course we had to take a “The Sarahs” picture!)

My stunning view everyday of fall

My 19th Birthday: 

My roommate knows me so well!

Patrick & Alex planned the most amazing surprises!

My very best friend, roommate, and rock. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me in college so far- I couldn’t have survived without you!

Homecoming 2014:

Started off the morning right- cheering on my boyfriend in the SVC Cross Country Invitational

Then to the homecoming game with my best friends Alex & Lisa

Our annual “selfie with a zebra donkey”

Check out Lisa’s amazing blog HERE!

Finished the day with some cotton candy at the club sponsored Homecoming Carnival! 

Halloween 2014:

“All the boys wanna hit it”

One of my favorite people

Cotillion 2014:

Sparkly Dresses & Red Lipstick

Our “laughing sorority girl” picture

Our dresses matched so perfectly we just NEEDED to take a twin picture

I love this kid, bow tie & all.

Tennis Banquet:

My two favorite seniors & captains

One of my high school rivals turned out to be one of the best friends I could ask for. 

End of the Semester:

First snow of the season! 

Light Up Night & Founder’s Day

My second family

Christmas came early!

My “I’m glad that I actually love presentations” face

The most amazing little coffee shop & date

(@ the White Rabbit, Greensburg PA)

I can’t wait to see what great things happen in the next semester! 

College Fashionista Mock Article: A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

After following my school’s College Fashionista blog posts for the past year, I finally decided to apply for the “Style Guru” internship on the College Fashionista website. There are two parts to the application process; firstly, you have to answer a series of questions regarding your experience with blogging or journalism/writing, and if you have any photography experience. Besides the questions on mechanical abilities, they also want some insight on why exactly you’re applying, and how you heard of the internship. After you send in the first part of the application, you are asked to write a mock article and take pictures of a college student; as you would for an actual weekly article. I am extremely excited for how my article turned out, and decided to share it with you all! I hope you enjoy! (& major credit goes out to Victoria for being such a fantastic model!)

Style Advice of the Week: A Little Color Never Hurt Nobody

As a college student, one of the
first rules to remember when buying new clothes is that functionality is key. I
personally believe that it is extremely important to invest in many versatile
pieces that can be dressed up or down, and worn in different ways. Accessories
play a huge role in completely transforming even the simplest pieces, which is
what initially caught my eye in this outfit.

            Following a
monochromatic color scheme for the foundation of her outfit, this Fashionista
proved that this cranberry beanie from Forever 21 could really top off a dark
neutral outfit. Contrasting brighter colors against a darker color scheme is
extremely important when it comes to styling; it adds more depth to an edgier or
neutral outfit. A stark white quilted vest with a dark gray jersey sweatshirt
creates a contrast in both color and texture, creating a softer and much more
feminine effect.

amazing how much a perfect pair of jeans can really dress up an outfit. These
high-waisted dark gray skinny jeans from Express provide the perfect wash to
juxtapose the monochromatic color scheme. Pairing a black military boot with a
dark skinny jean can sometimes prove to be problematic, the lighter fade
allowed for some more depth and dimension. Mixing colors of the same shade can
be intimidating; remember that sometimes wearing the same shade from head to
toe can be unflattering or even look sloppy. However, mixing knits, washes, and
different shades of the same color palette allows for some variety and is much
more appealing to the eye.

            As a
college student, comfort is key when dressing for class; especially towards the
winter months. This can be tricky, but incorporating some of your comfier
clothes can still look put-together and chic with the right accessories. My personal
favorite aspect of this outfit, reminiscent of an old J. Crew trick featured in
their Style Guides from time to time, is how she styled her sweatshirt to look
less like loungewear by balancing it with the rest of her outfit. Playing with
proportions, she decided to follow an old rule; play a loose top against a
tightly fitting bottom. It’s slimming, and doesn’t look sloppy- overall, a
win-win situation.

            When you
think “sweatshirt”, you most likely don’t think of chic. However, styling a
structured statement necklace, like this one from J. Crew can take even the
bulkiest of tops and make it feel polished. Entirely gold jewelry against a
gray ensemble may seem risky, however in this situation it stood out.
Contrasting jewelry tones adds visual interest, especially one that is both
diamond and gold. It’s unexpected, but still manages to soften this outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Contrasting colors
and textures can be risky, but as long as you are mindful of making sure that
they are cohesive and catch the eye rather than clash, it can look incredibly
put together.”

Style On,

Sarah Selip

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Friends & What To Get Them // The Trendy Future CEO

For the past two weeks, my roommate Alex and I have been buzzing with ideas for Christmas presents for our close friends. Like most friend groups, we’re all incredibly different and have our different roles that balance each-other. However, it can be extremely difficult to pick relatively cheap yet still meaningful and personalized gifts when you’re in college. There are all types of factors that come into play; money, lack of time, or even a bump in the creativity road. For the next week, I’m going to be posting a series of boards relating to the types of friends that you have, to serve as gift inspiration and maybe even spark some ideas of your own! 


The Trendy Future CEO

She’s the first to flip through the latest Vogue or Glamour, but not afraid to sit in the front row and answer questions. Her role model is more of a Beyoncé than a Kim Kardashian, and she is all about looking the best to feel the best. She might be the mature one of the friends, but she definitely still knows how to have a good time!  This gift guide incorporates all of the trendy aspects of this girl’s future office- big, bright, and classy, yet still fun and playful. She isn’t afraid to get what she wants, and is willing to put in all of the effort to get there. I’m obsessed with Kate Spade’s desk decor, and I find that it makes all of the usual drudgery of a school day that much more bearable. Target’s office supplies have the same kind of feel; soft and feminine, yet still appealing to the inner girl.

Tip: If my options seem a little out of budget, it’s so easy to find chic and functional duplicates at Target and other retailers. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on “pretty” office supplies, you can always personalize or DIY notebooks, dry erase boards, mugs (with Sharpies!) and wall prints!

Q: Who are the friends you’re having the most trouble shopping for?