A Few of My Favorite Things

There have been so many amazing things all over the internet. Since Tuesday Blues are among us, I figured I’d share some of my favorite things I’ve seen recently. Hey, it’ll help make your day that much easier! FAVORITE MUSIC & VIDEOS ONE // Shut Up And Dance With Me — Walk the Moon I love this song, but the video is that much better. I was laughing so hard I almost woke up my roommate!  TWO // Nothing Really Matters — Mr. Probz (AfroJack Remix) This song alone is amazing. But I love Mr.  THREE… View Post


Transitioning back into school mode is one of the hardest things for me. I’ve been ridiculously busy; between taking 6 classes, starting my internship, and training for the beginning of my spring season, I’ve had little to no time for breathing room.  This is what’s been going on in my life… SPA DAY: One of my best friends, Annie, and I were gifted a day at the spa from one of our friends at the incredible Nemacolin Woods Resort & Spa. It was the absolute best way to spend a Sunday, especially after such a… View Post


It’s the middle of a lazy weekend day. You’re “watching” another episode of the show you’ve been binge watching, and you find yourself zoning out a bit more than usual. The word boredom pops into your head. But are you really? Well, regardless, I’ve decided to start a new weekly post, called Weekend Reading comprised of my favorite articles, videos, blog posts, and other miscellaneous things that catch my fancy during the week. They’ll be posted every Saturday morning, so stay tuned!  ONE // How To Be Pretty  “Everyday you wake up with air in your lungs and… View Post

This year I will…

To be completely 100% honest, I’ve never been efficient on following through with goals, let alone resolutions. However, lately I’ve been feeling a ridiculous amount of motivation for the upcoming semester. I recently changed a few of my super bad habits that were leftover from high school (yes, it’s cliché, but you will be surprised about how different high school and college are. Word to the wise: change bad habits in high school now, and fast!) and I’m slowly working towards creating a better me. So, without further adieu, here are my (belated) goals for… View Post

How to Style: Bean Boots

As always, I love when friends and readers send me ideas for new blog content. One of my teammates told me that she would love to know a few different ways to style an extremely popular winter trend- the classic L.L. Bean Boots. I won’t even lie to you, I’m all about this boot. They’re perfect for braving even the worst Pittsburgh winter, and still look a lot cuter than some of the other boots available (don’t worry riding boots, I’m not looking at you.) And some sizing information, they run pretty small. I usually wear… View Post