5 Investments Every Post Grad Should Make

It’s been 4 months since May graduation (omg!) and I’m finally starting to get this “adulting thing” under my belt.

Just in case you’re also trying to get your act together, I wanted to create a little guide for what I consider the 5 best investments you can make as a recent college grad! (FYI: this can apply to literally anyone)

ONE – FURNITURE // If you read my story about how I ended up in Old Town, you’d understand that I pretty much dropped everything at college to take an internship, sans furniture. Sure, I’ve accumulated a few pieces over the years that have seen various dorm rooms. But do I really need a white fur butterfly chair? Most likely not.

Decorating your first apartment should be one of the joys of starting that #adulting life, especially if you binge watch HGTV, and consider Joanna Gaines your #1 role model. When you invest in your apartment, you should spend a little more time, money, and energy into making an environment you’re excited to come home to.

Regardless of your budget, furniture shopping can be expensive. It’s costly, time consuming, and most likely emotionally draining (It’s one of the reasons why you should never go to IKEA on a date, especially early on in your relationship). I recommend buying one piece of furniture that you absolutely love, like a statement couch to work your room around. If you have a studio apartment, you might want to focus on a really nice bed.

TWO – A QUALITY MATTRESS // A good night’s sleep is everything. I don’t know if I aged about 10 years within the past few months or what, but I have no idea how I ever slept soundly on a dorm mattress, or thrived on very few hours of sleep.

When I moved, I picked a mattress based only on convenience rather than comfort, and I paid major dues for it for months. If there’s one thing I can nudge/suggest/scream from the rooftops for you to invest in, it’s a good mattress. It majorly affects your mood, and starts the day off on the right foot. Sleep is imperative, we all need to do it, so at least make it a priority. Ask Arianna Huffington.

THREE – YOURSELF //Quick question, what’s your “thing?”

Are you really into coffee? I highly suggest buying a french press (which can be found anywhere) or a Nespresso (if you have the money). I love spending an extra penny on some freshly ground coffee from local roasteries. If you’re in the DMV, my favorites come from Misha’s in Old Town, or Zeke’s!

The same concept applies for whatever interests/hobbies you have. Running shoes, a new racquet… you need to treat yo’self to something nice.

My latest favorite way to treat myself is to invest in a luxe set of pajamas. I’ve been loving Anthropologie in general lately, and I especially love their lounge wear. Regardless of budget again, you can find some cute pjs wherever you go, especially Target.

FOUR – PHILANTHROPIC EFFORTS // I started writing this post in one of my favorite coffee/bake shops in Alexandria, Buzz Bake Shop. I spent a majority of last semester there while I cranked out my Capstone, and where I began studying for the LSAT last month.

I asked the lady sitting next to me what she would suggest every recent grad to invest in, and the first thing out of her mouth was charity. This could be a few dollars into the Red Cross drive, or donating your time and efforts into volunteering, but it’s important to make giving to charity a priority while you’re young, so it’s not as egregious of a task once you get older.

Giving a few dollars to your church collection, donate to hurricane relief funds, or buy the homeless man on your block a sandwich. I challenge you to spend a little of your time and money making the world a better place.

FIVE – WORK WARDROBE STAPLES // To me, this is the ultimate no-brainer. As you prepare to graduate college, you need to start picking out business professional attire, or at least put money aside to purchase some pieces you love for your new job.

Every post grad girl needs a classic blazer, whether in navy or blue, a little black dress, a great (and neutral) work bag, and some killer shoes. Developing your work wardrobe beyond that depends on your style, but every girl needs to rely on solid pieces they love and feel confident in.

What do you consider to be a great investment for every recent college grad?

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