Easy Winter Style with Rhea Footwear

Easy Winter Style with Rhea Footwear

Trench Coat • Chambray button-down (similar, on sale!) • Chunky sweater (similar)

Leather leggings (on sale!) • Leather booties (c/o) • CrossbodyWatch

Two things about Winter in Western PA:

  1. It can get a little intense: cold weather, wind & lots of ice
  2. It lasts forever. A few years back, I had a snow day in mid-April. Mid-APRIL. That just isn’t okay.

Lucky for us, winter this year seems bit milder than normal, despite frigid temp drops here and there. Not too bad, but requires lots of layering. Going to college in Western PA can be quite troublesome. I’ve realized that although cold-weather is my favorite season to dress for, trying to look chic when braving the arctic campus tundra (a bit of an exaggeration) is nearly impossible. And if you’re as clutzy as I am, wearing anything other than winter boots means that there’s a huge chance I’ll end up falling on my butt in the middle of campus.

Fellow college students, listen up: this is where Rhea Footwear comes in. Who said you couldn’t look stylish and maintain your footing while crossing campus? These chic little non-slip booties provide legitimate comfort and the perfect tread for winter weather, two things that are really hard to check off at the same time when it comes to winter footwear. I feel like I’m usually either sacrificing comfort or safety for style, and that’s definitely impractical.

When it comes to winter style, your mother was right. Layering is key. My winter break surrounded a ton of traveling, which ultimately resulted in the creation of my “winter uniform”. It’s pretty simple: button down + oversized sweater + leather booties. I centered this variation around my favorite leather leggings from Tuckernuck for a bit of an edgy twist. Anything that can keep you warm and look put together is a go for me.

Thank you so much to Rhea Footwear for collaborating with me on this post.

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