Classic Fall Style

Classic Fall Style

I’d like to thank my Western PA roots for my obsession with everything and anything fall-related. Most of my life was spent attending school in a picturesque small town in the heart of the Laurel Highlands. My Octobers were painted yellow and orange, and my heart ached to wear riding boots and vests year-round.

Years of flannel-clad falls flew by, and I soon found myself trying to figure out my own personal seasonal aesthetic. Preppy, check. Classic, check. Girly, check. Trends come and go, but Autumn’s styles are typically consistent. I feel most myself during the fall, since I can dress exactly how I want, (read: lots and lots of layers!) and let’s just admit it, it has the cutest clothes.

My fall wardrobe typically revolves around equestrian-inspired pieces (when I’m not reaching for athleisure). A few of my favorite consistent trends over the years; button-downs, blazers and quilted vests and jackets. I’ve found a love for layering and a penchant for plaid.

So, in lieu of it starting to actually feel like October weather, I’m rounding up some of my current favorite pieces and picks for the season:

TRENCH COAT: I am the trench coat’s #1 fan. Even though I wear them year round, they feel right at home with my fall wardrobe. They emulate “classic” style, and can dress up even the simplest outfit. That probably explains why I have 3 of them on rotation.

FIELD JACKET: I recently purchased my first field jacket after years of ogling them on others. If you frequently find yourself channeling a “tom-girl” or “edgy” style, consider buying one. I wear mine almost daily: it’s lightweight and matches most of my outfits, and I love the cut. It’s so different from most of my other pieces.

BLAZER: If you’re really aiming to nail the “equestrian” style, add a blazer (extra points if it’s a color other than navy or black). I’m really loving reds, tans, and patterns this year.

QUILTED VEST: At the end of summer I found a vest similar to the one above while shopping at TJ Maxx. The month of September was basically just me staring at it in my closet with heart-eyes, hoping for a day where it was cold enough to wear it. I’m a huge fan of the brown corduroy shoulder patches contrasting with the quilted texture. I’m just a huge fan of vests in general. I even bought one for my dog this year.

ANKLE BOOTIES: Dress them up, dress them down. Ankle booties are the “effortlessly cool” response to fall footwear fashion. I love pairing them with just about anything, but especially jeans and a striped tee, topped with a trench coat.

CABLE KNIT SWEATER: In my opinion, cable knit sweaters define classic cold-weather style, there’s a reason they’ve transcended trends for decades. My favorite cable knits were impulse buys at the Ralph Lauren outlet years ago, yet I still find myself grabbing for them frequently.

STRIPED TEE: If you know me at all, stripes make up about 60% of my closet. Most people associate striped tees with summer weather (think Nantucket sailing style), but I’ll reach for mine year round. Throw one on with jeans and flats, and voila! Effortlessly cool and Parisian chic.

(PLAID) BLANKET SCARF: The more plaid, the better. Blanket scarves have been huge in recent years, and it doesn’t seem like the trend will slow down for quite some time. They’re incredibly versatile as well: one of my favorite styling techniques (when I want to change it up) is to drape it like a poncho, and add a belt to keep it secure.

PATTERNED BUTTON-DOWN: This should be a no-brainer. Plaid and Autumn go hand in hand, but I love gingham during fall. J.Crew factory usually has a large selection of affordable brightly colored button-downs. I’ve been eyeing this one up for quite some time.

RAIN BOOTS: I might have been cheating with this one, as rain boots usually aren’t considered “fall style”. However, if you live in Western PA, you’re reaching for your rain gear more often than usual this year. My roommate and I consider our Hunter Boots a staple. Plus, they’re really cute.

RIDING BOOTS: Another no-brainer. I’ve gone through so many pairs of riding boots (sorry, Mom!) in the past 10 years that it might be borderline ridiculous. I wear them all the time. Plus, you can find them anywhere, and for every price point. For me, riding boots are an investment piece. I love the “worn” look of the leather after years of use.

What do you consider your favorite must-haves for fall? 

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