Let’s Play Catch-Up!


Well, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been taking an extended break from writing Pittsburgh & Pearls. I just wanted to take a minute to fill you all in on what’s new in my life, and some plans for the future.

 Sarah, what’s going on? Where have you been?

To be completely honest with you, 2016 has been the busiest year of my life. Spring semester has always been a bit crazy for me, but I never expected to transition into my first actual not-so-summer Summer. Ask any college student: internships are a lot of work. Find the perfect one for you, and you’ll put 1000% of your energy into being the best intern possible. Mix in a summer class and things start to get a little tricky. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love staying busy: I’m my best self when I have a lengthy to do list written out. However, sometimes I find that it gets a little hard to breathe.

Another fun fact about me, which you’d know if you’ve followed me for quite some time: I’m a student athlete, and this is the first year I’ve put my health and fitness as a number one priority. To me, a healthy lifestyle is key for a healthy mind, but there will be a lot more on that topic very soon (hint hint, wink wink).

A dream internship in the city + summer class + attempting to maintain a solid workout schedule + playing tennis

= not a lot of free time.

I’m definitely not complaining. My life is incredible. For a while, I was becoming way too consumed with the idea of maintaining the “perfect” image. Most millennials can attest to the fact that social media has become almost a necessary evil. Way too many people become obsessed with their online identities, myself included. I’d rather get to know my readers on a more personal level than promote that ideal front.

Maintaining a blog is hard work. You would be so surprised by how much time and energy is put into running a successful blog. Not to mention, I realized how much I have changed since I’ve started my website. I didn’t want to put in that time and energy to feel like I wasn’t putting forward my most genuine self, since I genuinely care about the content I produce for you.

After brainstorming for a while about the future direction of my blog, I realized that it is definitely in my best interest to focus on things that might help others become their best selves; promoting the development of creating a healthy lifestyle and mindset. That being said, I’ll begin emphasizing lifestyle: food, fitness, travel, etc. (alongside my usual fashion and beauty posts).

I can’t wait to dive into what I have planned for Pittsburgh & Pearls. To my readers: thank you for sticking around all this time, (almost 3 years!) and growing up alongside me.




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