Get Fit With #ElleCycleOnline

Get Fit With #ElleCycleOnline

You know what they say: a healthy body is the foundation for a healthy mind. About a year ago, I finally decided to take a few extra steps and start working on my fitness. (*starts singing Fergalicious*) The benefits have been through the roof all around, but it’s remarkable how much of a difference you can make just by taking an hour out of your day. If you read my last post, I briefly mentioned a newfound focus on inspiring others to take the same steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Talk about perfect timing.

 A few weeks ago, my friend Elle reached out to me regarding the launch of her online multifaceted workout platform, #ElleCycleOnline. In the past year, she (and her best friend Becca) created ElleCycle, a beat-based indoor cycling ride/dance experience with kick-butt playlists. It can seriously help you get your sweat on. As of now, these classes are only offered in Duncansville & Altoona, so stop for a ride if you get the chance!

Soon enough, the interest in ElleCycle began to grow and grow. Fans and fitness enthusiasts everywhere started asking if Elle had plans to expand the locations elsewhere. As a response, #ElleCycleOnline was born.

#ElleCycleOnline is a multifaceted workout platform that will provide you with circuit training, target training, cardio training, fitness challenges, LIVE ElleCycle classes, recipes focusing on the importance of dairy and a few extras you may want to add to your life.

Starting this morning, you can subscribe for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month membership. The program officially begins this Sunday, October 2nd. Every Sunday, members will receive an email from ElleCycle and a PDF (like the one below) with your an outline of your workouts and fitness challenges for the week. Every email also includes a link to access the ElleCycle YouTube page to clarify any exercises questions you might have.

  • Week 1 features circuit, target and cardio training.
  • Week 2 includes dairy recipes and your fitness challenge for the month.
  • Week 3 features circuit, target and cardio training.
  • Week 4 includes a LIVE ElleCycle Class.

Here’s a peek at what your first email will look like!

Sample #ElleCycleOnline workout


Worried about staying on track? Don’t sweat it! (pun intended.) When you sign up for #ElleCycleOnline, you have the option of providing your Snapchat username. Elle and Becca will keep you accountable (and motivated!) with snaps reminding you to get your workout on.

It’s perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, people who can’t access a gym, and anyone who really wants to challenge themselves. College students: I’m looking at you. If you don’t have the motivation or time to make it to the gym, make a change and utilize your extra floor space!

Over the course of the next week, I’ll be taking over @ElleCycle’s SnapChat to help give you a sneak peek of the program. Scan the QR code, follow along, and get ready to work out with me!

You can subscribe to #ElleCycleOnline here

ElleCycle QR code

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