Fort Ligonier Days

It’s no secret; if you grew up in southwestern PA, or at least in the greater Pittsburgh area, you’ve probably heard of Fort Ligonier Days at one point or another. And for all of you out-of-state readers, it’s probably one of the highlights of the fall season for many people in my surrounding area. This huge celebration that engulfs the entirety of downtown Ligonier commemorates not only the battle, but the local history as well. 

It’s an entire weekend revolving around food, crafts, and shopping (a.k.a. 3 of my favorite things) so who couldn’t resist? According to my best friend Annie, Ligonier resembles Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls; needless to say, she was more than thrilled to spend an entire afternoon basking in its cute quaintness. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this photoset of my day trip to Fort Days, which I unofficially call, “When you give an Annie a camera”.

Preparing for battle. But no, literally. 


I heart craft fairs (if only I would ever actually committ to buying something)

Best. Kettlecorn. EVER.

Come away with me

Everybody loves a good live band! 

  Small town charm + amazing food 

My favorite dessert @ Ft. Days – Sand Hill Berries’ Raspberry Shortcake.

Annie decided to try the Strawberry Sundae

We also discovered that it is borderline impossible to take cute candid pictures of someone eating without making them look absolutely deranged. 

What are your town’s favorite traditions? Comment below and let me know!


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