Styling Summer Whites for Day + Night

I’ll be honest, this is the first summer i’ve tried to work an abundance of whites into my wardrobe. I never thought I would jump on that bandwagon, but after seeing tons of bloggers and celebs embrace the trend, I had to find the perfect way to make it happen. While white on white isn’t practical for everyday wear, I wanted to incorporate some bright whites and take them from a day to night look with the help of the fabulous Miss.Glambition. 


Top / Skirt (on sale!) / Sandals 

Sunglasses / BagBracelets (123) / Pearl Bracelet

For the first outfit, I definitely wanted to incorporate the feeling of summer into my ensemble. It should be light, breezy, and pretty organic. Pairing a basic cami from express with a textured and organic skirt with a light color palette is not only easy on the eyes, but simply chic. Bright and light colors tend to look really clean together, but I wanted to stay away from looking too “crisp” for my the a warm day. Not only does it look a lot softer on the eyes than harsher bold tones, but the thin fabrics will also keep you cool throughout the day! My go-to makeup for summer is also perfect for date night: skip out on the bold lip and liquid eyeliner for the daytime. Instead, opt for a light eyeliner (like the plum shade that I’m wearing which accentuates my hazel eyes) and a rose nude lip! It’s soft, femine, and really highlights your natural features. 


Top / Jeans (on sale!) / Wedges

Sweater Blazer / Necklace / Sunglasses

Bracelets (123) / Pearl Bracelet / Bag (similar)

When describing my style, the word “tomboyish” never really makes an appearance. Sure, I love to take some tips from the guys with button-downs and some J.Crew-esque styling tips, but that’s about as far as I go. I love white jeans, but sometimes they can be a bit bold for my liking. After finding this sporty tank and purchasing these bold wedges, I decided the theme of this outfit would be contrast. Black and white with pops of red has been my go-to combination since high school. Even today, my mom stopped me in the middle of the store to say, “Sarah, don’t you have enough black, white and navy blue?” An outfit created from some basic pieces definitely calls for a bold yet feminine statement piece, so I opted for my favorite statement necklace to add a bit of structure. I almost always carry a jacket with me when going out, (I’m the girl that’s always cold) so I decided to stick with the relaxed and tomboy-ish vibe and throw on a relaxed sweater blazer.  I came to the conclusion that a teased pony-tail would be a perfect fit with the sporty tank while still helping me remain a little cool when outside. I stuck with the same plum eyeliner and neutral makeup, but instead decided to match my lipstick to my wedges for a little contrast against my black and white ensemble. What’s black and white and red all over? This outfit. (ha ha ha…)

What are your favorite pieces or trends to transition between day and night? Comment below and let me know!


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